Northern Michigan Deck Boat Rentals

We have a great selection of quality deck boats. If you’re looking for a northern Michigan boat rental, this is a great one to check out.

Hurricane, 19′ Deck Boat, 10 Person, 150 HP

This fun little deck boat makes for a great outing on the lakes in and around Traverse City, Michigan. With a capacity of 10 people, there is enough room for family and friends!

  • $515.00 per day
  • $450.00 per day 3 days or more
  • $1,995.00 per week

Each of our boats displays a yellow Coast Guard sticker detailing how many people and/or the maximum weight allowance on any given boat. If your group is on the lighter side from recently running the Bayshore marathon, that does not mean you can put more people on the boat than the Coast Guard puts on the yellow sticker. Likewise, if your group just got done with a Nathen’s hotdog eating contest and put on a few hundred extra pounds, do not expect to put eight 250 pound people on a boat rated for 1500 pounds. We take your safety very seriously, and so should you.

Additional factors like wind and severe weather can cause your rental to be delayed or canceled.

Hurricane, 23′ Deck Boat, 12 Person, 150 HP

With its 150HP Yamaha 4-stroke outboard, the Hurricane is better suited for smoother water or smaller lakes like Bass Lake, Lime Lake, or Little Traverse Lake. This sleek 2007 model includes a sunshade, sink, and stereo. Don’t forget: we deliver everywhere in Traverse City. Please note Hurricane 23′ is not allowed on Lake Michigan, or any lake connected to Lake Michigan. Capacity: 12 Person, 1615 lbs.

  • $515.00 for 8 hr
  • $450.00 per day 3 days or more
  • $1895.00 per week

Hurricane, 22′ Deck Boat, 10 Person, 225 HP

Great family boat. Perfect for an Up North getaway.

  • $595.00 for 8 hr
  • $495.00 per day 3 days or more
  • $2,195.00 per week