Long Lake Boat Rentals

Long Lake is one of our most popular destinations for boat rental.

This four-mile-­long lake is located just west of Traverse City. It attracts boaters, fishermen, water skiers, swimmers—anyone and everyone whose idea of summer fun means spending a day on the water. But what is it about Long Lake that makes boat rental such a great option?

Did You Know?

  • Long Lake is the largest inland lake located entirely inside Grand Traverse County.
  • It is usually one of the first of the region’s lakes to warm up for the summer season!
  • Long Lake is the headwaters of the Platte River.
  • Fishermen flock to Long Lake year­round for walleye, perch, pike, bluegill, bass, and sunfish.
  • Aussie Watersports delivers directly to the boat launch. That makes Long Lake boat rentals a perfect choice for your vacation or simply a day of boating in Traverse City.
Points of Interest
  • Long Lake consists of five islands with shallow sandbars scattered throughout the area.
  • The lake’s deepest point at 86 feet lies just to the west of Long Island. There are two other deep fishing holes at the northwestern and southern ends.
  • Long Island is the largest island, and a popular location for boats to anchor.
  • Looking for food? Long Lake Grocery is the best place to fuel up your car, grab a snack to go, or order a pizza to pick up later. They also offer marine gas to refuel your boat rental or jet ski rental.
Boat Launches
  • Gilbert Park, located in the northwest corner of the lake, is a high­traffic boat launch with limited parking for cars and trailers.
  • Crescent Shores, along the western side of the lake near South Island, offers a second boat launching option with trailer parking.
  • We deliver our Long Lake boat rentals to both boat launch locations.
Parks & Beaches
  • Taylor Park, located on the northern end of the lake, is a beautiful beach spot with a volleyball court, a swimming area, bathroom facilities, and a quick place to dock. There’s
    on­site parking and Long Lake Grocery just across the street, which makes Taylor Park a perfect place for a picnic.
  • Gilbert Park, in addition to being a boat launch, also features picnic tables, a sandy beach area outside the docking area, and two volleyball courts.