Wakeboards, Waterskis and More

Rent Great Watersport Equipment in Northern Michigan

We include one piece of water sports equipment with any boat rental. This includes tubes, water skis, kneeboards, or wakeboards. 

Additional water sports equipment can be rented at a rate of $9.50 per piece of equipment. You can reserve them with your order.


Tubing is fun for the whole family, young and old alike! Tow it behind a jet ski, pontoon boat, or ski boat, and you’re guaranteed to have a great afternoon on the water.


Since we include one piece of equipment per boat rental, why not make it a kneeboard? Kneeboarding is still popular in Northern Michigan, and it’s a great way to have fun above the water!


Around these parts, water skiing is considered a rite of passage. If you haven’t gone water skiing, are you really experiencing summertime in Northern Michigan?


In recent years, wake boarding has become almost as popular as water skiing. Don’t miss your chance to make a splash!